Studio Series: Meet Catia Bart

Studio Series: Meet Catia Bart

Meet Catia Bart.

My name is Catia Bart and I'm an illustrator and graphic designer based in Portugal. I started my activity by painting murals and I started an "illustration adventure" 4 years ago.

What’s your Artist Statement?

All my life I remember drawing. My mother made clothes in an atelier in our house and I remember collecting the magazines she bought and trying to replicate the movements, the faces and landscapes. And even now, I keep the first references of a childhood full of colors, textures and shapes where creativity was an escape valve from the limits of my own world.


I found Jiggy on Instagram and immediately identified with your vibe. JIGGY’s purpose is fantastic: to provide leisure and beautiful moments while supporting artists. I also saw that it could be a prestigious way to publicize my work.

What are you most excited about in becoming a JIGGY Studio artist?

Being part of this artist's community and seeing my art in the homes of people around the world.

Where can people find you?