Studio Series: Meet Tawn Moore

Studio Series: Meet Tawn Moore

Meet Tawn Moore.

Tawn is a surface designer and illustrator from Montreal, Canada, who in 2020 realized her childhood dream of becoming an independent artist. Her design style is delightfully spirited and uplifting and she expresses herself through the use of colour and playful textures while exploring the little moments of everyday life.

What’s your Artist Statement?

Tawn’s artwork is inspired by the many little everyday moments and interactions we experience that define who we are. This often includes a good pun or dad joke, so you'll frequently see this reflected in her illustrations. She loves to create digitally with a spirited, upbeat and vibrant design style by adding touches of delicately playful textures throughout her work.


Jiggy's puzzles are beautifully crafted. You can tell they put a lot of care into the presentation and quality of their products. These are characteristics I value in the partners I work with. Because it's only natural that I’d want to work with a company that shares similar values. And let's be honest - who wouldn't want to see their artwork on such lovely puzzles?

What are you most excited about in becoming a JIGGY Studio artist?

I am so delighted that I have been invited to become an artist for Jiggy Studio and excited about the opportunity to share my artwork in puzzle form. I'm especially looking forward to seeing others spend quality time with their loved ones while building puzzles with my designs on them! Seeing my artwork being enjoyed in the world never gets old!

What’s your puzzle strategy and ritual?

When putting a puzzle together, I always start with the edges and then work my way towards the larger, more detailed, areas. I take my time enjoying the present moment to explore the details of each puzzle piece as I try to figure out where they belong. Sharing the experience and challenge with a loved one over some take-out and a sweet cocktail is hard to beat! It just makes for a good puzzle time.

Who's your dream guest for a dinner & puzzle party?

If I had to pick anyone to puzzle with, I would invite Robin Williams – hands-down. He seemed like such a kind soul who naturally knew how to read the room. I think his sense of humour would make for quite an exciting evening, to say the least!

Where can people find you?


Instagram: @tawnart