Studio Series: Meet Nysha Lilly

Studio Series: Meet Nysha Lilly

Meet Nysha Lilly.

Mother & Artist. Not two words but two callings on my life. I’ve always felt an inherent need to make everything around me beautiful, and I believe motherhood is the ultimate labor of love. When not illustrating, I’m spending time with my comic-loving son, taking city strolls, singing Alicia Keys or maxin real cool at the beach.. and if I’m having a really perfect day, all of the above + ice cream!


Jiggy is the ultimate modern puzzle brand, and as a puzzle enthusiast myself, I know quality when I see it. Partnering with Jiggy meant partnering with the best in the biz!

What are you most excited about in becoming a JIGGY Studio artist?

I’m most excited for my illustrations to be enjoyed in a new format. I can’t wait to see those shares of families & singles enjoying time together, assembling their Jiggy puzzles with my art on them!

What’s your puzzle strategy and ritual?

I love tea light candles in cute glass votives, a jazzy playlist or easy to listen to film in the background. I also need something to snack and sip. I can’t sit still without a snack. I feel like edges first is cheating- when I assemble a puzzle, I separate my pieces by color and build from there!

If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?!

I would collaborate with Alicia Keys. I know she’s an appreciator of art, and I know we could come up with a dope collection of pieces that would celebrate artists and musicians throughout the years. 

Who's your dream guest for a dinner & puzzle party?

My dream guest for a dinner & puzzle party would be the love of my life- whoever he is. Nothing sweeter than good conversation over a puzzle and a cup of coffee.

Where can people find you?


Instagram: @nyshalilly