Studio Series: Meet Darlene Seale

Studio Series: Meet Darlene Seale

Meet Darlene Seale.

I live in northern San Diego county, California with the beach and mountains providing lots of natural inspiration. I studied art in college, got my degree in Education and taught high school and college for a few decades before turning to illustration and pattern design. I’m grateful and blessed everyday to bring an illustration or pattern together which has me uttering out loud, “Yay, that’s it!” What a fantastic way to spend my day.


I’m thrilled to partner with JIGGY because you choose women artists who have such colorful and fun art! A woman’s voice is often unheard, but here — they’re all heard and I’m inspired by them. Thanks.

What are you most excited about in becoming a JIGGY Studio artist?

Sitting down with my 4 grand nieces — I refer to them as my “girl gang” — and putting a puzzle together that “Auntie” made!

What’s your puzzle strategy and ritual?

First I separate the pieces into color groups. Then I’d start with the borders, doesn’t everybody? If there’s any music involved it’s likely to be Native American Flutes. Or…if it’s a group of puzzlers, we’d probably want to listen to Bonnie Raitt, or maybe Sarah McLachlan, and naturally sing along. Someone will suddenly get up and dance badly, and it will be grande!

If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?!

I’d love to collaborate with Gustav Klimt, Georgia O’Keefe, Or William Morris, as my deceased favs. And Thomas McKnight if he was still up to it. I bet he would be. Love his detailed architectural pieces. I’d live in his houses. 

Who's your dream guest for a dinner & puzzle party?

I would have chosen my best friend Diane who was the puzzle queen. But she has gone to her reward and is puzzling in heaven I bet. So, I’d have to choose Rachel Maddow, Tig Notaro, and Stephen Colbert who amuse me to no end with their superb talent and big ‘ol brains. We’d dine on amazing hors d’oeuvres, created by Gordon Ramsey…or NYC pizza, flown in for the occasion. OK, that was just a dream. In reality just my grand nieces—my girl gang—who say amazing things with their own big ol’ brains. We’d probably dine on Chick Fil-A.

Where can people find you?


Instagram: @darleneseale