JIGGY x Daughters for Earth
JIGGY x Daughters for Earth
JIGGY x Daughters for Earth
JIGGY x Daughters for Earth

JIGGY x Daughters for Earth

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 The Hummingbird story is inspired by Wangari Maathai 

Once upon a time, there was a forest where all the animals lived in harmony. One day, a terrible fire broke out. The animals were afraid their homes would be destroyed. As the animals stood helpless, a tiny hummingbird flew to the river and dipped her beak in the water. She flew back and forth to the forest, bringing drop after drop to put out the fire.

The other animals laughed at her, saying, "What are you doing? You're too small to make a difference!" But she replied, "I'm doing what I can- all I can -, why don’t you join me." The Hummingbird inspired the other animals to join her. 

Soon the fire was extinguished and the forest was saved. The animals realized even the smallest contribution could make a big difference. They called it the Hummingbird Effect - where each person's small action, when multiplied by many, can lead to transformative change. 

Here at Daughters for Earth, we are a witness to how daughters around the world are rising up and doing all that they can to protect the Earth. They are leading efforts to protect land, water, and biodiversity, they are shifting to regenerative agriculture and renewable energy. The women’s work to protect and restore Earth is not being acknowledged, supported or celebrated. Daughters for Earth plans to change that story and we hope you will join us. 

We are a movement that aims to mobilize 100 million dollars to find and fund women-powered efforts to protect and restore Earth, raise public awareness about the pivotal role women play in climate solutions, and mobilize women worldwide to take environmentally-kind actions in their personal lives and communities. 

Based on the science of our partner, One Earth, we know that we can rapidly scale efforts around the world to solve the climate and biodiversity crises if we all rise up and do all we can for our one and only home. With that, Daughters for Earth has launched The Hummingbird Effect, a campaign inspired by an African fable about a forest fire, where a hummingbird fetched water with its beak to try to put out the flames. While it was only a few drops, the hummingbird did its part and inspired the other animals of the forest to join its efforts. At Daughters for Earth, we believe that even the smallest actions can lead to significant change for good, especially when it comes to supporting women-powered climate solutions around the world. 

Here is a short video about Daughters for Earth. 

Get involved with Daughters for Earth and become a part of The Hummingbird Effect today!


IG: @daughters4earth

TikTok: @daughters4earth

Hashtags: #Daughters4Earth #HummingbirdEffect 

Farah Brightart, the artist behind this design, is a mandala and zentangle artist and watercolor illustrator. Farah's mission is to spread more joy and brightness into this world using her colorful and bright artwork. Since a little girl, she has always loved creating art and is so happy to find her own way in this world as a mandala artist. Creating art is her own way of therapy and she hopes you get the same feeling through her art.

See more of Farah’s art here: farahbrightartetsy.com

Follow Farah on IG: @farah.brightart

Size: 500 piece puzzle
Puzzle dimensions: 16 x 20 inches 
Box dimensions: 9 x 6 x 3 inches

Each JIGGY x Daughters for Earth puzzle comes in a reusable drawstring bag, box and includes puzzle glue to preserve your masterpiece.

What people are saying

Better than I imagined! The packaging is so unique and beautiful. I also ordered a frame to match. Definitely will be buying more in the future!

Ashley H.

Gorgeous! I loved putting it together and will love it even more framed and hung up!

Heather W.

I found puzzling to bring on a very meditative experience and I liked it. The was challenging and exciting, because endorphins are created when a piece finds its place. The artwork is beautiful.

Robin B.