7 Reasons People Love JIGGY Puzzles Junior Collection

JIGGY makes modern puzzles with a mission! Pediatric occupational therapist Gabriella Seoane, MS, OTR/L breaks down why she's been loving using JIGGY Junior in OT!

1. Builds concentration

Puzzles allow kiddos to work on sustained attention since they require focus for extended periods of time.

2. Social Skills

Jigsaw puzzles require communication and collaboration, working toward a common goal.

3. Problem Solving

Putting together a puzzle involves a specific sequential order, so its great for teaching kiddos to break down large tasks into smaller ones.

4. Organizational Skills

Getting organized is the first step to being able to accomplish the challenging task of completing a jigsaw puzzle! Kiddos can learn the value of prioritizing the proper steps to get the job done.

5. Spatial Awareness

Since jigsaw puzzles have various shapes and colors, kiddos build visual perceptual skills by matching and orienting pieces properly.

6. Self-Esteem

The best part! Once a puzzle is completed, kiddos gain a sense of accomplishment and achievement… building their self-esteem and pride.

7. Gorgeous Designs

Each JIGGY Junior puzzle is designed by an emerging female artist who gets a percentage of every sale. Show kiddos the importance of supporting small businesses!  

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

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