One year of gettin' JIGGY

One year of gettin' JIGGY

This week is JIGGY’s one year anniversary and wow, what a year it has been!

First off, THANK YOU. I'm inspired every day by our community - YOU - who have brought JIGGY in to your quiet moments, your puzzle parties, your thoughtful gifts, and your home decor. We’re so proud and happy to be a small part of your lives - and walls :)

Thank you to our artists, who make the world a brighter place with their creativity and invite us to be a part of their amazing work. 

Never could I have imagined what was in store when launching a puzzle company last November; there have certainly been the highest of highs, some challenging lows and a whole lot of figuring out how to put the pieces together. 

Your support truly means the world to me and the small-but-mighty JIGGY team, thank you for being a part of our first year!

Cheers to many more of gettin' JIGGY, 

xx Kaylin


In 2015, I fell in love with puzzles and began daydreaming about modern, frame-worthy designs that I would actually want to keep. I began curating art, designing the packaging and branding, and building my first website. Last year, I took the plunge as a bootstrapping, first time, solo founder and released JIGGY to the world.



I was shipping from my living room...
Nov 2019

We were featured on the TODAY show! Dec 2019
(and got a warehouse after that...) 



Launched JIGGY Originals! Hand painted one-of-a-kind puzzles supporting artists and Covid relief funds
May 2020


Released our second collection, Staycation, to bring some wanderlust to a very different summer
June 2020


Partnered with Sophia Bush's I am a Voter and three incredible artists on a special edition collection of puzzles to support voter registration for the 2020 election. September 2020


Honored Breast Cancer Awareness Month with our Boobs puzzle to raise money for research and support funds 
October 2020


Launched nationwide with Anthropologie and an exclusive line of seven JIGGY x Anthro designs 
November 2020


Celebrating 1 year and our holiday launch! 
November 2020



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