Meet the Artists: Holiday 2020

Meet the Artists: Holiday 2020

Talented, emerging artists are what make JIGGY puzzles extra special! To get to know the women behind your favorite holiday gifts, we’re putting the spotlight on these amazing designers. Meet Ana Hard and Jo Taylor, learn more about their careers and what inspires their creativity. 

Meet Ana Hard

In your biography, you mention that you pay special attention to “hidden things” in your art. Which detail in this puzzle are you most excited for us to piece together?

I think this puzzle is full of hidden details like the cozy chimney, the cute dog dreaming with cookie bones, the Christmas wrapping papers . . . but my favorite part is the yummy snacks for Santa and the reindeer!

 JIGGY The Eve art

The Eve, by Ana Hard

How did your career in fashion influence your work?

I always felt a special love for fashion and illustration, I guess that's why I started working as a print designer more than eight years ago now. And even if I miss it sometimes, I always try introducing that influence on my illustrations because I love telling fashionable stories.

What is the best part of seeing your art transformed into a JIGGY puzzle?

I'm a packaging freak, so the first time I saw a JIGGY puzzle I knew I'd love to have my work in that jar! It's so elegant and smart, but also so much fun!

Where else can we find your art?

I'm very focused on creating content designs for brands all over the world, although one of my future aspirations is definitely creating quality products that people can purchase. For the moment, you can only purchase some of my illustrations here:

 Ana Hard artist headshot

Ana is a creative designer from Bilbao, Spain.

Meet Jo Taylor

What inspired you to create Snow Day?

I love being cozy and snug and wrapping up warm in a jolly sweater makes me think back to being a kid, happy and laughing in the snow.

 JIGGY Snow Day art

Snow Day, by Jo Taylor

When did you know you wanted to pursue a career as an illustrator?

I didn’t really know there was such a thing as an illustrator/designer until I was in my twenties. And then it was only in my thirties, after I had my two kids, that I had the time and the opportunity to give it a try. I’m not formally trained. I just learned as I went along.

Can you tell us about your studio and the process of making your work?

My studio is my favorite place in my house. It’s full to bursting with things that I find inspiring and have picked up along the way: huge piles of books and magazines, cork boards covered in things I’ve cut out, big pot plants and my dog who potters in and out all day.

As for my process, that varies but always starts with sketching or painting by hand. I am in love with my iPad and use that for finishing up pretty much all of my designs these days. With Snow Day, I sketched the gals and their dogs in pencil, scanned them into my PC, transferred to iPad and then did all of the coloring in Procreate.

What excited you most about seeing your art transformed into a JIGGY puzzle?

I’m thrilled that my art can now be used to take people’s minds to a happy place, especially this year when we all need lovely things to do at home and activities to cheer us up – and who doesn’t love having fun on a Snow Day?

Where else can we find your art?

Instagram @jotaylordesigns

 Jo Taylor artist headshot

 Jo is a self-taught illustrator living in the Cotswolds, UK and shares her studio with a huge, shaggy sheepdog named Blue. Walks around the gorgeous local countryside and canal paths, visits to local craftspeople and fun trips down to Bristol and London, for some city inspiration, all come together to create her wide range of styles.

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