Celebrating National Voter Registration Day

Celebrating National Voter Registration Day

I am a voter. x JIGGY


Last week, we launched a special edition collection in partnership with I am a voter.®, and three incredible artists: Sam Kirk, Melarie Odelusi, and Courtney Ahn. To celebrate National Voter Registration Day, we are taking some time to get to know each artist and find out what being a voter means to them.



Sam Kirk

Sam Kirk puzzle art headshot

Sam creates artwork to celebrate people and to inspire pride and recognition for underrepresented communities. Her art is a continual study, sharing her experiences in the shifting landscapes of our neighborhoods. Part autobiographical, and part fairytale, her vibrant color palette reveals profound stories laced with optimism.

Kirk was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and spent most of her childhood jumping from neighborhood to neighborhood with her family. She enjoyed exploring new communities and cultures with each move, providing great satisfaction for her fascination with the differences we all possess.

Sam Kirk, I Am A Voter puzzle art

"So many of us have the opportunity to vote. Will you? When creating this piece, I thought about the many communities that have been impacted by the choices made by our government. I thought about those of us who are overlooked as Americans in this country. I thought about the people who came before us so that we would have this right to vote. I thought about those who live in this country who don’t have the right to vote and are relying on us to practice this right. I created this piece with JIGGY x I am a voter.® to support voter registration and turnout for the 2020 election."

Melarie Odelusi

Melarie Odelusi artist headshot

Melarie is an illustrator and lettering artist working in Dallas, TX. She specializes in portrait, fashion,
and event illustration, celebrating empowerment and storytelling. 

She offers art with modern edge, feminine hues, and intentional lines that captures women in solidarity and unity. The inspiration of her work stems from being surrounded by extraordinary people and beautiful things that ignites confidence and authenticity.


Melarie Odelusi, VOTE puzzle art

"To use your vote, is to use your voice. I am thrilled to collaborate with JIGGY and I am a voter.® to show the importance of taking part in such an important time in history. Your vote matters and it matters so much now. 

While creating this piece, I imagined you putting it together with a glass of wine and relaxing playlist. Consider this an addition to your self care!"

Courtney Ahn

Courn Ahn (she/her/hers) is a multidisciplinary designer, illustrator, and freelance creative based in Portland, OR. Her direct experience as a Korean American has largely shaped her career philosophy, serving as inspiration for the social justice advocacy present in her creative work. Through her freelance studio, she aims to provide accessible design services for small BIPOC business-owners and partner with organizations working directly in the equity space as a force for good. 




"EVERY vote matters - especially yours!"

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